3 in 1 AllSeasons™ USB FAN Umbrella - Designed For All Weathers


We all know exactly how important shade is during those hot summer months. Whether on a family vacation or a day at the beach, the LIMITLESS Umbrella Fan will help protect you and your family from harmful UV rays thanks to the certified UPF 50+ rating of the dual-layered fabric. 

⭐This incredible 3-in-1 gadget is UAE's first USB Rechargeable Umbrella fan with Powerbank and is suitable for both wet and dry weather.

⭐But that's not all - this product features a powerful built-in cooling fan to cater for even the hottest summer days and is easily charged from a USB Port. 

⭐While you cool down and shade yourself on a hot summers day, you may also choose to use the built-in power bank in the handle of the fan - to charge your mobile phone, or to power up any nearby USB device.

The powerful cooling fan inside the Umbrella runs for more than 1 hour continuously from a single recharge and the charge time is 3-4 hours.    

LED Indicators are featured both on the orange on/off button on the handle and also on the recharging input to indicate when charging is taking place.

Umbrella Length: 82cm
Oh... and don't worry about getting your fingers caught in the fan blades - this fan has been well designed with a protective net around the spinning fan blades.