Interactive Pet Food Dispenser Toy

Intuitive Pet Food Dispenser Toy

This item is for pet darlings out there. Improve the life of your pets help hounds rationally and physically dynamic degrees of learning flexible.

Savvy FOOD - Fill with your canine's preferred treats or croquettes, effectively modify the degree of trouble

Structure - Exercise and feed your pet simultaneously, gives long stretches of testing play and holding with your pet.

SAFE MATERIALS - Made of great ABS and PC material 100% safe for your pets.

Simple to utilize:

1. The size of the stunt gap of treats is movable since we have planned an adaptable switch in the toy It can be moved to control the size of the opening to fit the treats. So the toy is reasonable for them. Particularly sorts of treats.

2. We have structured three open openings on the highest point of the toy hood, with the goal that canines can smell the treats. Furthermore, pursuing the toy and the top is additionally simple to open to include more treats into the toy.

3. There are two stamps on the toy. When you gather the two sections, simply adjust the two checks and turn the base right.