Freezy Inflatable Chill Buffet - Crafted for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Keeps foods and beverages chilled and ready for guests!  An excellent addition to summer parties indoors or outdoors, such as pool party, BBQ, cookouts, sports party, beach wedding, camping and reunions. 

The Inflatable Buffet keeps foods and beverages cold for hours.
    • KEEPS COOL: This extra large serving bar holds a ton of ice to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh. From soda to beer, whatever your summer poolside party is serving, this buffet can handle it.
    • EASY SETUP: You can inflate and deflate this salad bar in seconds, so bring the party with you wherever you go and fold it down to store compactly when you are done. (Ensure it is dry before storing)
    • HEART OF THE PARTY: Be prepared for a crowd with this extra-large bar. It can fit serving bowls, platters as well as many bottles and drinks. The bar can float in the pool or serve as a waterproof buffet.
    • SIMPLE DRAINAGE: Whether there were spills, or it filled with melted ice water, simply unplug the drain and let the liquid quickly drain. Perfect for a quick cleanup after an event or a day at the beach.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from durable PVC material, it is resistant to wear and tear, and can be reused many times over. Inflated measurements are 52 x 21 x 5 inches. It is rectangular and white.