Noise Reduction Earmuffs


Noise Reduction Earmuffs- Silence the World When You Want It and Wherever You Need It.

Our Noise Reduction Earmuffs is made from the highest quality material and been Specifically Re-Designed to addresses the limitations of most of the bulky earmuffs in the market. We went to extreme lengths to make sure our Noise Reduction Earmuffs can offer you the highest Hearing Protection and non-irritating uncomfortable wearing experience.

Unlike other firing range ear defenders on the market, our  Noise Reduction Earmuffs  are ultra portable and lightweight, with a compact design that can be easily carried, perfect for prolonged wear and maximum hearing protection without uncomfortable weight or bulk.

Industrial Graded 

- Compact, durable design while offering the highest protection on the market.

- Comfortable, padded headband, perfect for long term wear without irritation.

- Ideal for shooting, working and operating machinery to protect hearing.

- Perfect size for carrying in bags without extra weight or bulk.