Golf Putt Mirror Trainer


This is a basic style and viable item for working on putting stance. It is for the most part reasonable for learners.

Product details of Golf Putt Mirror Trainer

Strong reflection: Provides a full perspective on stroke, including eyes, shoulders and putter face. 

7 Mirror intended to precisely mirror your stance and arrangement on the green as per the mirror in the area of the ground can address your motions from various edges.

Putting arrangement instrument: putting preparing help device made to check your putting stance and arrangement.

Cautioning: Don't leave the mirror in extraordinary daylight or warmth, similarly, as with any acrylic it could cause distorting or softening.

• Observing and correcting posture with normal mirror exercises.
• It can also increase the difficulty of putting the back of the product upward. 
• Golf training tool used by professionals: Professional golf players use a putting alignment mirror to improve putting skills.
• Improve your putting stroke by ensuring you're standing directly over the golf ball and you can see your reflection.
• See your alignment and posture in the putting mirror to verify your setup correctly for your putt.

Package included:
1 * Golf Putt Mirror Trainer