Garden Tools Fruit Picker

  • Pick fruits without climbing a ladder and with no fruit or tree damage.
  • Slim, lightweight, convenient and labor saving, very practical Use the teeth of the ring to cut fruit down and gather them in the bag.
  • Can be used to pick most fruit, large or small, soft or hard-skinned.
  • Fruit picking head only (pole is not included), suitable for home, orchard, park, farm, garden, etc.
  • It is perfect for picking almost any fruit that grows on a tree, and the basket can hold multiple fruits at a time.

Pruning Tool Type: Universal Cutters
Feature: TFT
Material: Metal
Finishing: Not Coated
Pruner Type: Anvil
Attributes 1: Fruit Picker
Attributes 2: Fruits Catcher
Attributes 3: Apple Citrus Pear Peach
Attributes 4: Ratchet picker
Attributes 5: Fruit Picking Tools
Attributes 6: Harvest Picking
Attributes 7: Garden Tools
Attributes 8: Gardening Picking
Attributes 9: Picking Tools
Attributes 10: Hand Tools