Fresher Odor Pillows


When it comes to your home the best thing is to breathe fresh with a clean air. Achieve that goal easily, naturally, and safely with our  Fresher Odor Pillows! 

  • 100% NATURAL and SAFE - You can keep it anywhere nearby kids and pets. It is totally harmless. It does not contain any fragrances, allergens and chemicals. It is non - toxic product. Instead of masking unpleasant odors, simply eliminate them with these Fresher Odor Pillows.
  • Fresher Odor Pillows is ACTIVATED which means it has been specially treated with oxygen in order to open up the pores of the charcoal atoms. This increases it´s surface and makes it very porous, allowing charcoal to absorb dirty particles from air and keeping it clean. It has much more pores than normal carbon.
  • Bamboo charcoal NEVER GETS TIRED. It works continuously for you 24 hours per day without having any break. All you have to take care of is putting it into direct sunlight for 1 hour once a month. That way charcoal can be cleaned and reset itself which helps you save money.
  • This product is perfect to use PRACTICALLY EVERYWHERE - at home, work, kitchen in the car, closets, refrigerator, shoes, bags, because it absorbs all the odors, chemicals, moisture and other harmfull pollutants from air. Charcoal is contained in small cotton bag so you can carry it anywhere you want to.


    Material: Bamboo Charcoal 
    Size: 15cm X 19cm (5.9in x 7.5in)

    1 x Fresher Odor Pillows