Magnetic TherapyTransparent Acupressure


Helps increase blood circulation in the feet and relieve pain. The raised areas provide arch support while the multiple holes provide ventilation to keep the feet cool. These magnetic insoles are set with magnets, these magnets produce gentle magnetic waves with natural magnetic fields & cooling, soft, smooth stones, it helps stimulate the soles of the feet to massage, weight loss.

1. Made of high quality materials, durable and non-toxic.
2. These slimming magnets emit magnetic waves that weaken fat cells in the body.
3. Walk with a magnetic insole to lose weight.

Type: acupuncture weight loss insoles
Material: fiber + medical silicone
Size: size of most people
Quantity: 1 pair

If necessary, cut the insole to suit yourself.
The actual colour may differ slightly from the colour of the image due to differences in display and lighting effects.

Package Included:

1 pair of needle weight loss insoles

Product Details:
1. Massage can enhance health and fight disease
2. Gel material, shock absorption, comfort, clean, ventilation
3. Separate sweat, deodorize, clean, free to use
4. If necessary, cut the size according to the available volume curve