Ultimate Laundry Folder

  • Made with high grade ABS material. It's durable and me to be used over and over again without any sign of wear and tear.
  • The Ultimate Landry Folder Helps you quickly fold your clothes, save time and enjoy your family and friends like you're supposed to.
  • The simple and fashionable design has the purpose to fold your clothes regardless of the cut and shape of the shirts. This will ensure you have no creases or folds where you don't want them to be. 
  • Easy and convenient to use, It's compact size makes easy to store as it will take up less space than an A4 piece of paper.
  • Size S:48*40*0.2cm for child
  • Size L:70cm*59cm*0.2CM for adult
  • Size Adjustable:68cm*57cm*0.2cm for adult