Flexible Hex Shaft Drill Bits Extension


Having a hard time fixing or removing screws in an inaccessible areas of your furniture, computer, appliances or in narrow places? Our  Flexible Hex Shaft Drill Bits Extension  can aid you with those- strenuous drilling work. As the name implies, this extension will allow you to take advantage of drilling hard to reach areas that your ordinary drill could not reach due to its flexibility and extendability. Perfect for plumbing, automotive and home repair jobs!

  • Extend your power drill to reach into all those tight spaces and awkward angles with this  Flexible Hex Shaft Drill Bits Extension.
  • This universal drill bit extender attaches in seconds to your power drill. It is able to bends up to 90° in any direction.
  • Easier access to to awkward mounting screws in closet shelf system, window treatments, celling fans and more.

Material: Plastic + Metal
Length: 29.5cm (11.6in)
Hex Shank Length: 0.6cm (1/4in)
Hexagon Head Length: 0.6cm (1/4in)


1 x Flexible Hex Shaft Drill Bits Extension