Find My Stuff

Quickly Find Your Lost Items! Find My Stuff can help you find the lost keys, remotes, purse, eyeglass, cane, and other easily lost items quickly. With Just one press on the Color - Coded Button, the Beep Sound will lead you to find the lost items.


  1. Use a pen or needle to turn on the first keychain, it will beep constantly (“dee.dee.dee.”).
  2. Push the button , LED on, and the keychain will stop beeping after matching.
  3. Turn on the second keychain, and push button B, keychain will stop beeping after matching.
  4. Do the same for the other keychains and buttons.
  5. Wear the 5 keychains on the things that you want to find.

Battery Installation:

  1.  Open the outer shell with the crowbar provided.
  2.  Replace the CR2032 battery. Pay attention to the polarity of the battery.
  3.  Close the outer shell.

Range: 30M
Volume: ≥ 80 (dB)
Operating voltage: 3 (V)
Operating Current: 3 (mA)

1 x Base
1 x Transmitter
5 x Receivers
6 x Batteries
2 x Screws
1 x Crowbar
5 x Keychains
1 x Manual