Equilibrium Neck Pillow



Don't ask us how it exactly works, but Equilibrium Neck Pillow allows you to relax those tense neck, shoulder, and back muscles almost instantly. 
Even tight jaw muscles that can cause throbbing headaches loosen up!

When suffer from chronic neck pain, upper body sore, stiff neck, migraines or more, use our cervical pillow 2-3 times a day, 15-20 minutes each time, can effectively relieve these symptoms, relieve your pain and other discomfort, give you an incredible feeling of relaxation and soothing.

  •  When you insist on using neck traction pillow, the cervical traction device will gradually release and relax the neck bone muscle of the relieves tension and stress in the neck and shoulders, slowly recovering to a more natural and healthier state.
  • Our Shoulder Chiropractic Pillow feature a unique ergonomic design, safely and comfort supporting the neck and head, the relaxer promotes proper cervical spinal alignment with gentle traction to effectively relieve chronic neck pain and pressure caused by slouched posture, let the neck pain goes away.
  • Our neck and shoulder massager can effectively relief neck and shoulder pain, also compact for easy storage and travel. Our cervical pillow device support can be used anywhere, widely used for travel, sleep, work on computers, read, watch TV, drive, etc, wherever you need to relief the pain.

Weight: 115g
Color: Blue

    1 x Equilibrium Neck Pillow