AR EasyGun Game Controller


AR EasyGun  to Use Great Bluetooth Connection to Hundreds of Games

Just need a smartphone and AR-gun APP will provide real world and virtual games to enhance the real experience of the wonderful integration, allowing players to enjoy the virtual reality through visual, auditory, and sports

Downloading AR-GUN APP by scanning the QR codes or from google play or app store, and pull the trigger for 3 seconds to easy connect to your cell phones via Bluetooth, wireless, steady and low power consumption.

Multi Scenarios - Play Solo or with Friends Compatible with Most Smartphones

With this portable AR Gun, play games indoors and outdoors. Just pick up the AR Gun, trace and shoot the targets by moving the gun 360° or moving around to experience a truly immersive gaming experience from the reality and virtual images

The AR Gun Phone holder is adjustable for all kinds of phone iPhone Samsung Galaxy series and other Android phones.