Emergency Car Window Breaker


You will never know if you will need a device like this, but it's best to have one in your vehicle just in case you do. This device allows you to break a car window or cut your seat belt encase of an emergency car wreck.  Our Emergency Car Window Breaker  is a must in your car's emergency kit, and it may not be a bad idea to have more than one so that you can ensure you or your passenger has a way to escape if they need to.

  • Mutilfunction -- Double steel window breaker at one end helps you shatter vehicle windows in an emergency in no time; seat belt cutter at the other end cuts off seat belt easily to keep your safety.
  • Durable High Performance -- Double-tipped hammers which are made of high grade carbon steel combined with engineering plastics, ensuring it's very sharp and easy to break out the window for life-saving. The razor-sharp stainless steel seat belt cutter makes cut the seatbelt at ease.
  • Ergonomic Design -- The anti-skid handle is long enough making it easy to control. So light that you can swing it easily. The reflective strip on both sides of the handle for high visibility, you can find and use it at darkness without any difficulty.
  • Mounting Bracket -- Our safety hammer window breaker combines a protective bracket to hold the hammer. Install the car hammer where passengers can easily reach it in an emergency. Note: mounting screws are not included.
  • Portable -- Small enough to keep in the glove box or door pocket. Small enough to fit in a ladies purse. This little tool could save your life.

Hammer Head Material: Carbide
Handle Material: ABS
Weight (approximately): 170g
Size (approximately): 13cm x 7cm x 2.5cm (5.12in x 2.76in x 0.98in

1 x Emergency Car Window Breaker