Easy Mold


Get your own garden stepping stones ready! Fulfill your dream of designing your own patio or path and make it a reality. No special skills needed to use the Easy Mold. The unique DIY plastic concrete mold is laying out the effect posted up like blocks of stones, perfect to create a style of your own garden path!


How to Use the Easy Mold

  1. Prepare the ground and place the concrete garden mold.
  2. Premix the concrete and pour down your own cement bricks, stone or slate to the molds.
  3. Remove the mold after troweling smooth.
  4. Get your own garden stepping stones ready.



  1. Clean the concrete garden molds for reusing, spray them with a garden hose.
  2. Garden stone molds can be used again right after you pour the first garden stepping stone so you do not have to wait. (Don't wait for it 100% dry, or it will be really hard to remove it.)
  3. The thick level of concrete can be varying depends on your requirement of garden stepping stones. A wetter mix of concrete for concrete molds is used to get garden stepping stones with the ground/ lower level, and a stiffer mix of concrete is used to get garden stepping stones with higher/ stone level.

Material: Polypropylene
Size: 43cm x 43cm x 4cm (16.93in x 16.93in x 1.57in)