Cuddle Baby Hammock

Imagine no more sleepless nights. Both YOU and YOUR BABY benefiting from better sleep as the baby hammock cradles your newborns just like your arms. Have peace of mind knowing your baby is getting the best sleep possible.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our hammocks are built to last. No chipping, no flaking, and our breathable mesh will keep your infant cool without . Strong adjustable nylon straps allow for easy adjustments to different crib layouts while the metal buckles ensure security for the hammock and your infant.
  • EASY TRANSITION TO CRIB - The first couple months after birth can be challenging for infants, especially during bedtime. Not all babies are ready for their beds. Our baby hammock will make the transition easier by getting your child comfortable laying on his or her back so that when the time comes your child will rest easy in the crib while you rest easy in your bed without missing a beat.
  • FITS MOST CRIB SIZES - Don't be frustrated that you can't find a hammock that fits your crib. The Cuddle Baby Hammock is small enough to fit in mini cribs or pack n play 38 inches in length, while still having the strap length to be used with regular cribs up to 60 inches in length.

Product Details

  • No-slip metal buckles that will keep your hammock in place
  • Superior strength safety nylon straps that will keep your newborn secure
  • Extra strap length flexible enough to fit cribs from 38" to over 50"
  • Soft and supportive mesh interior, both breathable and cooling for your baby
  • Adjustable glide buckles for easy strap organising