ChromePrivacy™ - Case & Tinted Tempered Glass

Don't Be Afraid! The powerful technology will protect you in every aspect! Are you still worried that the secret in your phone is being peeked? Your mobile banking and payment information will be a leak?Afraid that someone always has eyes on you.


  • Privacy Technology: After applying, you can see your screen from the front but it goes invisible when seeing from the two sides, thereby keeping your privacy safe.
  • Strong and Durable: Good materials ensure its good quality. The 9H anti-explosion glass prevents it from broking and scratching. And the strong magnet protects your phone's safety when falling down.
  • Easy Installation: We promise a super easy, rainbow-free, halo-free, frustration-free and bubble-free installation that will leave the protector perfectly contoured to your phone, even if you have no installation experience.