CatanDog’s Tag - Protect Your Pets The Natural Way!


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CatanDog’s is a revolutionary bio-tech flea and tick repellent that keeps your pets free of parasites without the need for potentially harmful pesticides or other chemicals, powder or oral treatments, which can case pet sickness or discomfort.

CatanDog’s is a unique electro-magnetically charged disc that is simply attached to your pet’s collar and generates a bio-resonant field that repels not only fleas and ticks but all flying parasites. It is completely safe, non-toxic and has no side effects


✅Non-toxic flea & tick repellent

✅Effective for dogs and cats of any  age, weight, and size

✅Effective for sick, convalescent and pregnant dogs an cats

✅Safe for children playing with cats and dogs

✅Safe for humans to touch CatanDog tags

✅Completely safe with no side effects

✅Contains no chemical elements 

✅Non-toxic and odor free


CatanDog's Medal is manufactured out of aluminum and charged with electromagnetic scalar waves. Its main function is to keep fleas and ticks away from your dog and cat due to the permanent physical contact with your pet, a bio-resonance field is formed helping to repel fleas ticks & other parasites. It also produces a better feeling for the Pet.


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