Kitty Hunting Toy


Both you and your cat will enjoy hours of fun with this Kitty Hunting Toy. This is the best device to help you raise a well-trained, healthy kitty with sharp hunting instincts and excellent mental alertness, then you’ll both love playing with this interactive kitty toy! Relax and watch them roll about, or join in the fun and get ever closer to your feline friends.

  • A funny interactive game for you and your kitty.
  • Made of solid wood with a clear texture. Hand polished makes the corners rounding and not hurt the kitty.
  • The hide-and-seek game can effectively exercise the cat's reaction speed and keep fit.
  • Cute animal shapes can immediately attract the attention of ckitty and increase the fun of teasing.
  • No chemical, non-toxic, environmentally friendly material. 3 or 5 holes modes for you to choose from.

Material: Wood
Size A / B (Front Length): 24cm (9.45in)
Size A / B (After Length): 6.5cm (2.56in)
Size A / B (Side Length): 17.5cm (6.89in)
Size A / B  (Height): Approx. 10cm (3.94in)
Size C / D (Front Length): 35.5cm (13.98in)
Size C / D (After Length): 6.5cm (2.56in)
Size C / D (Side Length): 17.5cm (6.89in)
Size C / D (Height): Approx. 10cm (3.94in)

1 x Set of Kitty Hunting Toy