Carbon-Alloy Barber Razor Blade


 Carbon-Alloy Barber Razor Blade

  • Consisted of the shaving knife and the hilt, which is in open style
  • The razor includes sharp knife head and clip-shaped hilt
  • The blade head is made of high carbon steel, and a pin hole is fixed between the hilt and the blade head so that the cutter head has a free rotating space of more than 270 degrees which can easily trim the hair of a beard

1. Before using the product, clean the razor, and scrape the knife on the scraper cloth.
2. The blade may go dull after long, it can be sharpened on the grindstone to improve its sharpness.
3. The knife belongs to the dangerous object. Do not let the child play it.

1. Razor maintenance --- After use, dry the water and store it with oil. Do not expose to sunshine. Do not place in a humid environment, as well. If rust occurs, wiped it off with fine sandpaper to remove the rust spots.
2. Cutting Edge Protection --- The sharpness of the cutting edge is relatively thin. In normal conditions, store it with the scraper cloth to maintain the sharpness. It can only be used  for hair, do not cut hard objects, and do not use it as a stationery knife to maintain sharpness.
3. Razor Safety --- Do not touch the knife-edge directly with your hand to detect the sharpness. Wipe it with a cleaning cloth or a multi-layer paper towel. 

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 19.0cm x7.6cm x 3.1cm (7.48in x 2.99in x 1.22in)

1 x Carbon-Alloy Barber Razor Blade
1 x Iron Case
1 x Cloth Bag