Car Windshield Glass Washer Cleaning Concentrated Compact Effervescent Tablets Cleaner 5PCS


Safety, simplicity and efficiency. It can also be used directly in the wiper water tank if it is diluted with small cups.

If you found a slight wiper noise, please spray the cleaning liquid on water wiper, it can reduce friction between glass and wiper, keep your windshield clean and bright.

Make your life brighter, Make your life brighter !

Three Functions:

1. Cleaning: Provide high-quality cleaning effect, which can easily remove all kinds of stains, bird droppings, soil, gum, grease and so on attached to the glass.

 2. Protection: A protective layer is formed on the glass surface to protect the glass, reduce wear and soften the rubber of wiper to increase service life.

 3. Improvement: Improve the glass finish and fluorescence distance, increase the driving safety, and form waterproof layer on the glass surface, with fire water.


  • Wide Application: This Spray Cleaner Tablet is designed for all purpose cleaner spray, high efficiency deep cleaning, suitable for car interior, car windshield, clothing stains, kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, wood polish etc, keep your clothes fresh for a long time and prevent bacteria from breeding.
  • Safe & Eco-friendy: No chemical bleach, non-toxic, harmless-contains, use of biological enzymes to decompose stains to achieve a clean effect, ultra safety to human & environment.
  • Performance efficient: Our effervescent spray cleaner is concentrated high efficiency glass cleaner effervescent tablet. 1 piece of tablet = 4L of water, which is simpler and more efficient than traditional windshield cleaning agent. a grain of 4 liter equals to general water wiper.
  • Easy/Carry/Store: Super easy to use, Instantly in contact with water, aerobic laundry, low foaming and easy to rinse. Super concentrated, small volume, convenient to carry and store non-toxic
  • Four in one: dust-proof, shellac, oil film and high light transmission. It is safer, simpler and more efficient than traditional windshield cleaning agent. The wiper rubber has anti-aging effect, keeps flexibility and prolongs the service life of rain glue strips A car can only be used for one pot of water and pour into the wiper and the 2.5-4 water




Material Type: concentrate

Color: White (shown as the pictures)

▶Trade name: effervescent tablets concentrated cleaner

▶Package Contents: 5 Pcs (Tablets)



▶ Just put 1 or 2 Concentrated Effervescent Tablets into the glass bottle cover.

▶ Fill up clear water ( recommended tap water 2-4L, Depending on the cleaning effect).

▶ Lid reset.