Car Relax Head and Neck Rest Pillow


Comfortably support the head, shoulder, and neck of a sleeping passenger in your car with the Car Relax Neck Headrest Pillow. It's a great way to add head, neck and shoulder support to a sleeping child.
Don't let the passenger seat be a pain in the neck. Arms adjust to numerous positions with a touch of a button. 


✅Easy to disassemble and install.

Specialized in making the journey quality sleep.

Clear and convenient, random fluctuation, space is not limited.

Only be installed on the seat with headrest and adjustable height.

It is made of high elastic nylon and is comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The padded arms of the headrest feature soft, padded fabric sleeves which are also removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Once you experience sleeping comfortably in the car, you won't believe you ever drove a mile without the Car Relax Neck Headrest Pillow