Anti-Flea Electronic Pet Comb


Looking for an easy way to get rid of fleas? We have a simple solution. Fleas are painful for your cat or dog. Our Anti-Flea Electronic Pet Comb kills and stuns fleas quickly without hurting your pet!


It’s a Anti-Flea Electronic Pet Comb that will hunt down every single flea on your pet’s fur by releasing an electric charge through the comb bristles. A charge strong enough to kill and remove those tiny pests off of your pet. However, insignificant to cause any harm to your pets.

  • Micro-Current Mechanism: It emits a slight amount of current through the comb bristles. The bristles go deep in the fur and kill pests on contact and remove them as well. The micro-current is released when the blue slider button is pressed.
  • Real-Time Observation: Simply use Anti-Flea Electronic Pet Comb on your pet and notice how many pests have you killed and removed, saving almost 90 percent of your time as compared to traditional methods. So, you don’t have to wait for hours to see if the traditional methods are working or not.
  • Grooms and Stuns: It is also a comb, as well as, a pest remover. You can groom your pet with it anytime while making sure that each combing session will reduce the number of fleas and other insects and their larvae hiding deep inside your pet’s coat.
  • Handy and Stable: It has a rugged handle which gives a perfect grip to grab and operate the device smoothly. Since it works like a comb, it is very important to get a stable grip or the whole operation can turn into an irritating and tiring session.
    1. To Comb: Turns on the current supply
    2. To Eject: Hides the bristles to let go of the fleas
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: It requires no direct power supply. It is cordless and requires two dry cell batteries to function. So, there is no use of any poisonous chemical and the operation is also very easy and safe that even a kid can operate it.
  • Premium Quality Material: The body is made with PP (Polypropylene) material, which is lightweight and flexible, giving it durability. The bristles are made with premium-grade Stainless Steel, making it strong and corrosion-free.

Material: PP (Polypropylene) 
Battery: 2 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Size: 24cm x 17cm x 3cm (9.45in x 6.69in x 1.18in)

1 x Anti-Flea Electronic Pet Comb