Amazing Silicone Steamer - Crafted for Healthy Cooks



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The design of the steam case is simple. The main silicone case has two upper flaps that are openable. Raw vegetables and meat rest inside and, if needed, a little water is added to help generate steam. Place the food in the microwave or oven for the allotted time and out comes a perfectly cooked dinner!




This steam case is excellent for steaming vegetables in the microwave. Above, you can see steamed salmon Just a couple minutes in the microwave and outcomes broccoli that is bright green and perfectly steamed.

Great as a lunchbox too, for the kids, yourself, your loved one!




I think that our favourite food to cook in the food steam case is fish. I cook the fish in the oven and the case locks in all the moisture, very similar to cooking en papillote (in paper).