Pipe Twisty - GLASS BLUNT


✔️ Healthier Choice - Life Can't Get Any Better Than 100% Pure Consumption Of Your Favorite Herbs And Spices!

✔️ Fast & Easy To Use - Instead Of 5-10 Minutes To Roll Herbs, Simply Spend 60 Seconds To Fill Up And Enjoy!

✔️ Take It On The Go - Leave The Wrap, Take The Glass. Fits Conveniently In Your Pocket, Bag, Or BackPack!

✔️ Cleaning Kit Included - Equipped With A Small Cleaning Brush To Clean The Glass And A Small Pick To Clean Filter System!


Every TWISTER™ Glass Blunt is made with clear, easy to clean glass that can be used repeatedly and can last a lifetime.


The Glass Blunt saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase papers that burn away with each smoke session.