DS750 Ultimate Vexal DS™️

Remove Car Decals Quick, Fast, And With Little To No Effort With Vexal DS™️ - The Perfect Go-To When You Have To Remove Decals
Struggling to get that vinyl off without scratching your ride? Not to worry.. we've found a way you can do that without leaving a single mark on your car. Introducing the Vexal DS800™️ - The perfect tool for the job.
Can be installed on any power drill in just seconds. Saving you money from buying an expensive power tool that you don't need.
Unique and innovative rubber refinement design allows you to get take off even the oldest of vinyl off of your car without damaging your car. Perfect for removing company logos, bumper stickers or even faded vinyl.
You can use it on cars boats, buses, SUVs, speed boats, pontoon boats, motorcycles, four wheelers the list goes on, There's no limit to what this thing can do.
 It's not just our amazing products that have kept our repeat customers coming back and buying from us again and again. It's our never-ending dedication to product development and daily improvements to customer satisfaction so that you have the best experience with us. Get yours today so you don't scratch up your ride ever again.
Super Easy To Use- Easily attaches to any power drill and very beginner friendly. Which means you can get it up and running in just minutes without any complicated instructions.
No Damage- Removes even the oldest of vinyl strips on your car without leaving a single scratch or dent behind. Making it completely safe to use on your car without leaving a mark.
Multi-Functional- You can use it to remove pinstripes/racing stripes, bumper stickers, double sided tape, engine hood stickers and so much more. Perfect for any removal job you can think of.
Fast And Efficient- Time efficient and cost-efficient. Works twice as fast than a crazy expensive power tool and saves you money from buying one. A true win-win.