360Infrared™ Detector


360 Infrared Detector

  • PORTABLE SIZE – The shrouded camera locator weighs just 1.12 ounces, the length of the government operative camera identifier is 3.5 in and the thickness is 1.1 in, lightweight, handheld and reduced, simple and advantageous for voyaging, conveying and capacity in totes, totes, pockets, and bags. The sheltered sound individual caution can discover pinhole cameras, ensure your protection and keep individual security whenever and anyplace.
  • EASY OPERATION – It takes 1-2 hours for the individual caution to be completely energized with a USB charging link and can be continually utilized for 8-10 hours. 3 capacities (hostile to spy identifier/safe sound individual caution/scaled down LED spotlight) can be openly changed through specific catches. The counter spy indicator includes simple activity and long assistance life.
  • ANTI-SPY DETECTOR –Shrouded cameras, for example, lighter camera, pinhole camera, watch camera or pen camera can be effectively and immediately recognized by the infrared of the sheltered individual caution, viably securing individual protection when you are in a lodging or some other spots.
  • SAFE SOUND PERSONAL ALARM – The safeguard alarm can be verified on draws, security windows, entryways, and box, making an uproarious sound to draw individuals' consideration even at extremely far separations. The concealed camera discoverer can adequately frighten hazardous aggressors off and help you request help, guaranteeing individual and property security.
  • MINI LED FLASHLIGHT - The resistance caution can be likewise utilized as scaled down LED lights, highlighting sharp lighting impact, long lighting separation and wide lighting extent, appropriate for quite a long time and horrendous condition.

Appropriate to People:

1.People who use bank cards every now and again.
2.People who regularly travel in a lodging.
3.People who is anything but difficult to be shot.
4.People who regularly go to open diversion places.
5.People who frequently go to different shopping centers to take a stab at.
6.People who regard their own protection and the security of others.
7.Persons who contact and keep exchange insider facts.
8.Security protects in prized formulas and actually secret areas.
9.Anti-sneak shot, hostile to listening stealthily experts.

Item Type: Multifunctional Infrared Detector
Charging Time: 1-2h
Battery Capacity: 350mA
Continuous Working Time: 8-10h
Detection frequency range: 1MHz-6.5GHz
Size: 8.8x4.2x1.5cm/3.4x1.6x0.5in
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Pc