Outdoors Lightweight Shoes


Designs best inspired by travel, art and the people closest to their integration, the combination of clothing shoes and sports-style shoes together to continue in today's highly competitive footwear market to provide the most original fashion cutting-edge series.

Main Features:

1. Fashion Patterns;

2. Quick dry upper fabrics;

3. Like socks, lightweight, flexible and comfortable;

4. Fold and go convenient for easy transport;

5.Stretchy material make it easy to wear and take off and do any water activities comfortably.

Super Lightweight
Great water shoes made of lightweight upper and sole fabric for comfortable and portable.

Perfect Fit
High quality material and exquisite workmanship technology to provide user with comfortable feeling.

Easy Slip on/off
Ultra Light Weight Stretchy Material makes it easy to wear and take off.

Non-slip Sole
Upgraded textile sole with anti-slip dots that can provide you with comfort and protection to prevent slipping.