5 Reasons Indians Love Using Spices When Cooking!!

May 12, 2018

  1. Spices Keep Them Healthy

This is world map for death rates from cancer. (WorldLifeExpectancy.com), You can see India is amongst the lowest.

2. Spices Keep Them Fit

“Jeera (cumin) water is considered as a miracle drink because when taken on an empty stomach, it can solve a lot of health issues. Drinking jeera water the first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism, relieve constipation, improve digestion and much more.
But the best part is that the benefits do not end here. Did you know that jeera water can also help you get rid of that stubborn fat in just 15 days? ” (TimesofIndia)

3. BEST PIZZAS IN THE WORLD…Have you ever tried a Spicy Butter Chicken Pizza?

4. Eat Tasty Comfort Food and Damage Control The FAT With Indian Spices mentioned above (#2)

5. Logical Conclusion…Time to Buy a SpiceRack & Stock Up

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